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Hello fellow Haunters! So today I posted a thread about going to buy some items listed on Craigs List. My first buy from Craigs List and it was a success!! DH and I met this couple at 5 pm today, and she had tubs full of decor. We were mostly looking for outdoor items for our yard haunt and she had quite a few! Many things from Spirit and new in boxes. Things we saw but did not buy were TONS of scene setters....new in packages, many 50 feet long. Some type of Gemmy or similar product skeleton with moving mouth in a black/orange suit. We didnt buy him bc it really wasnt our style, and it didnt have the adapter, wasnt sure what it did, if it worked, etc. Lots of costumes and some paper products. She did have a Spirit Spider punch bowl new in the box, but we really arent punch drinking people, especially with the little cups, so we passed on that also. Then there were a few assorted items....a three headed dog prop, some type of coffin to put together, but we got some GREAT things! Here is the list with pictures!! Oh, and most importantly, we paid $125 for it all !!...she wanted $150, I offered $125 and she took it. Basically, it was her aunts items that passed away, and she was just trying to get rid of it so she could free up her garage. She said she doesnt even pass out candy or care about Halloween :eek: Bad for her, GREAT for me!!

So heres the list...
1 medium size styrafoam coffin
1 small size styrafoam coffin
8 styrafoam tomb stones
1 styrafoam autopsy sign-new with tags
1 styrafoam morgue sign-new with tags
2 large plastic hanging bats from Spirit
1 large poseable hanging skeleton
2 Black Cats-New with tags
1 medim size poseable spider-black and purple
1 NEW IN BOX Spider Chip-n-Dip from Spirit (30.00 price tag)
1 NEW IN BOX Bleeding Reaper fountain from Spirit (50.00 price tag)
1 Rope Web-9 ft. New in package from Spirit
1 Skeleton head stake -pirate themed
1 NEW IN BOX Spirit fogger with timer (40.00 price tag)
1 Spirit Cannon Strobe
1 NEW IN BOX Spirit Strobe 360 degrees
1 mini strobe
1 lighting FX fogger with timer
1 lighting FX constant fogger with timer
5 Black lights
1 Skeleton animated door greeter
1 severed hand
1 severed finger
2 freaky fabrics-new in package
1/2 container Fog Juice
2 new packages of caution tape
12 black gothic roses
4 rubber bats
1 large black cauldron
1 skeleton chandelier candle holder
1 animated tombstone
1 scene setters grave yard scene with skeleton
Lots of great stuff...all the black lights and foggers work! It makes me so happy to walk buy my living room and see it all!!:)

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Congrats on a great score!

Frankie's Girl - MM1 mentioned in the post that it was all her aunt's, who passed away. I bet the aunt would be happy to know its all going to someone who appreciates it!

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Thanks for replies! If it wasnt for this forum, I never would have even thought about looking on craigs list! I am going to be visiting my parents on friday and meeting another girl who is selling $3500.00 worth of decor for $500.00 or best offer...so maybe I will have more to add to the collection! :eek:
Keep looking daily, thats how I found all this!!

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ok, I am officially JEALOUS!! Someone else on here got a great haul too!! Darn ya'll!!! :D

I have looked at craiglist like 3 times. never find anything. guess I should be more diligent.

Congrats on the mother load!! ;)

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Thanks for all the happiness :) I know all you home Halloween Lovers will appreciate it! Creepycathy-the Silver Flip Flops were $5.00 at Old Navy!!
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