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Hello all. Joined this site because it looks like there are a lot of creative spirits here. I am basically a novice at builds but I am working on it. Some of you have already helped me with your posts and links, thank you. I am in need of more help already. Spirit brown jumping spider, Love it, great scare device. I have had it for one year and this year I made a coffin for it to jump out of. Top is made of card board so it won't stress the gears too much.

PROBLEM: When I got it out this year, the sound wasn't working properly. The first couple of activations it did, but then the sound got quieter with each activation and eventually stopped altogether. It loses a lot of the surprise factor without the sound.

Proposed solution: I am wanting to add a new "sound device" that will activate when the prop does. Any recommendations on a device, whether prerecorded or one that I can record sounds on myself, will be appreciated.

Also, i looked inside and I didn't see a separate sound board, just one control board and I couldn't tell where the sound is produced from. I checked the board for loose wiring and found none.

Specs: I am using the specified AC plug the prop calls for.

Thanks in advance. I hope to contribute to the site soon. I will send pics when I get things in place.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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