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Covering up white walls

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Hello spooks!

I'm organizing my second halloween party this year, and I'm looking for some advice. I live in an student apartment with white walls that I cannot paint or do anything even remotely permanent with, and they look super plain specially during Halloween. Last year we used that stretchable black spider web to cover up the walls which worked quite nicely, but it was rather arduous to take down in my boyfriend's opinion. :D I'm still going to use the web this year too because hey, it does look good, but what I'm asking is do you have any recommendations for alternative options? Are there some wall stickers (tried googling that but didn't come up with anything good) that cover up a bigger space? Something that brings texture? Thank you!

//Oh and to add, we do have colored lights available in our living room but not in the rest of the apartment.
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Someone on one of the Halloween sites took strips of wood-grained contact paper and stuck them on black poster board with maybe 1/8 - 1/4" between each strip. They then cut out jagged shapes and stuck them on the wall with tacky stuff. It looked like the plaster had come off the walls and you were seeing the lathe underneath. Great for a haunted house!
Also check out Jo-Ann's for Halloween fabric. If it's not already on sale, you can download a coupon. Last year I layered filmy fabric all over my screened in porch for a fortune teller's parlor. 3M Command hooks and tape are your friends!
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