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Couple of new projects, vampire and werewolf

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Here is the vampire 'head' that I got done recently. Its a foam wig head with celluclay applied... The teeth are Sculpey clay.
I cut the bottom jaw and used wire to attach it back on to make an extended jaw or BIG mouth.
The hair is extension that my beautician saved for me....
This didnt take much time to do. I only sanded very little and then painted a coat of tacky glue on it to help 'fill' in some of the really rough areas. I painted over the tacky glue before it was completely dry ... the paint then cracked. This wasnt intended but I liked it when it was done so I left it that way.
It will be in a semi dark room, the body will be 'perched' up on a ledge about 5' off the ground. It will look like it is jumping at anyone that walks into the room.

Also, here is the start of my werewolf mask.... plaster, celluclay and sculpey !!!
I have the mask done now and I will add pictures of it soon.

Hope you enjoy. The mask took some time, but the head was a couple day job! So maybe I will have time to do some other 'heads' before the haunt opens!!!


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It is a little 'rougher' than I really would like, but since its in a room that will be a little darker... I didnt see the need to spend more time on it. I would have liked to get the eye lids a little smoother but thats ok...
If I can get this reaction of people in the haunt, I will have done my JOB well !!! hehe

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Lynn, that vampire is fan-freakin'-tastic.
I'm hoping it will make some kids wet their pants.

(I've been a bit of a curmudgeon lately regarding Hollywood making vampires less and less frightening as the years go by (especially recently)...you, my dear, are restoring my faith that vampires really should be, and can be, terrifying - you've captured it well)

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Lynn, they remind me of the 3 vampire brides in the VanHelsing movie. I just loved the way the jaw droped down and the mouth opened up. Very very impresive work!!!!!!!
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