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Count Von Krolock -- Madame Leota

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Hi Folks,

I am interested in making the "advanced version" prop listed here CountVonKrolock - MADAME LEOTA, but I don't know what the "smaller" Spirit Ball component is that was mentioned. I can buy the large one, what is up with the smaller one mentioned? What is its dimension and the prop’s name at a store? Anyone know this Count person? Is he a member? There is no Email address on his site to ask questions. Any assistance would be gladly appreciated. I have 4 new props to build and only 7 months to build them (plus upgrade the ones from previous years)!

Thanks in advance!

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Theres two sizes for spirit balls. A large and small. I dont see what the small one is needed for, that still confuses me. I personaly like the projected method better than the plexi glass because you have more control with the projection.
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