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Count Dracula Tombstone Twist - Times Two

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During my rookie year as a Halloween Forum member, I made the typical Count Dracula tombstone. It was okay, nothing special, but this year I had a revelation during the Pope's visit to Cuba. Thus, here is my take on the Count Dracula tombstone:

Oh, for those that need a step by step tutorial.......here is what you do;

erase the word Count Dracula on the typical Count Dracula tombstone and insert the name of the dictator of the month in its place. There, you are done, now go have a beer or two.

Now, the next step is the hardest part. What to do with the old circa 2012 Count Dracula tombstone? Afterall, the Halloween fashion police would never approve of having two tombstones with the same concept.

Well, after some Jethro Bodine ciphering.......

Yeah, I know, I know, the prop department made the sign a bit too small, but you can't find good help in this economy.

Lovely Day...
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