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I know this is a popular prop so I'm hoping someone out there knows the answer to this. When was the version made that had a bluish/green tint to the skin? This is rentable from a local costume store but they aren't interested in selling him unfortunately. The version available now has a paler skin. I know this prop was in the 1994-1995 Gag Studios catalog with the pale skin so I'm guessing he's older than that.

All info is appreciated.



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This prop is being discontinued.
There's a vlogger I watch a good bit named carpetbagger and he visited Character's Unlimited a few weeks ago and based on his tour of the shop, it looks like they only have a handful of halloween foam props left....They are busy building "zoltar" cabinets....You can see the handful of props they have left at the 8:21 mark here :
Unless they have storage somewhere else maybe but it doesn't seem like it....ZR
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