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Costuming for 2015 - Wizard of Oz

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Okay, I know that we have not even gotten through 2014 yet, but I am already trying to plan out next years costumes. We will be doing the Wizard of Oz - Scarecrow, Tin-Man, Lion, Dorothy, Glenda, Witch, and Flying Monkey. I will be making all of these and honestly only two of them have me worried - The Lion and the Flying Monkey -

I have been looking at picture for a few days of both and am at a loss. I have worked with fake fur before and it is a total pain in the BEEP! But I cant think of a way to get a Great looking Lion costume without it. Ideas?

And for the monkey, he is supposed to have feathered wings - can I get white angel ones and paint them? I have never tried to pain feathers before.

I guess I am just out in left field today. but it has been bugging me. :confused: Any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks guys.
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Did you try running some searches on the Forum? I remember someone posting about a Flying Monkey costume last year or maybe the previous year. Think it was homemade, but can't recall specifically who it was.
I ended up doing a Google search for "Halloween Forum Flying Monkey" and was able to find this - http://www.halloweenforum.com/hallo...tch-your-haunt-how-about-flying-monkey-2.html

The costume looks great, just wish I knew how he did the frame for the wings.
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