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Costume make up with prop confusion

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Hello all! Since I've only been doing full on special effects makeup for under a year and dabbled with it for 2, I still consider myself to be an amateur. I've decided to try and recreate the look below but I do have some questions that I was hoping anyone with more experience could answer.

The main question that's been plaguing me is where I could find those metal spikes that make up her teeth? Do they look like something I could be able to go and buy or do they look custom made? If the latter is the case, would there be some way to recreate the metal that the spikes are made with (since I have zero knowledge of metal work)?

Thank you for any feedback!


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Just a thought on this; I don't believe that's actual metal, but thin Plexiglas or acrylic, perhaps with mirrored window film or silvered pvc vinyl on top.

2 reasons why I say that:
1. Weight. Even thin metal adds weight quickly, especially to a facial appliance.
2. Safety. All it would take is one bump into another person, and two people will be going to the hospital.

Thin acrylic and window film can both be purchased at any decent hardware store.

As an afterthought: can you contact whomever posted that picture online, and see if they know anything about that appliance? If they know the wearer, perhaps they might be able to find out for you what was used.
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I actually do think they might be metal, but a very lightweight something like aluminum is most likely. With blunt edges that just looks sharp. As for what they are, no telling. This is the kind of thing you'd never replicate exactly. The whole thing seems to be a full-face prosthetic, probably made on a facial mold before it's applied.

I liked the look enough to go trolling through the pages of pinterest results on google image search, and finally found photo credits on Reddit. She doesn't appear to have been active in a couple of years, though.
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you could use acrylic or really thin metal, but it is absolutely a full face mask, you can see the mask edge line by the forehead , pretty awesome though, I dig it
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I'm thinking you could probably pull it off with cardstock coated with glue or epoxy, then painted. Depends on how chrome you want it, but I think a creative paint job would do the trick.
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You guys are the best! I was for sure "blademouth" was a no go since ya can't glue metal to your face without a few tetanus shots. The suggestions helped so much and I got a little creative for my first big project with the ideas given to me.
I've decided that the metal spikes are to be made from card stock and chromed window tint. The tint was a killer idea and linking me to the creator of "blademouth" has finally allowed her to come alive for me. Thanks again everyone!
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