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Costume ideas for a "Master of Ceremonies" for next year

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Hey all!

I am going to be the queue-line host for an area haunt next year... we are going to be completely interactive, with a lot of crowd participation.

I will be up-front calling contestants to play games, answer trivia questions, etc...

so... i need an appropriate costume!

I am having a hard time thinking of ideas... so, I wanted to throw it out here to see what you all could come up with!

Here's how I need to costume to function:

1. versatility for appropriate weather.
--- this is mostly an outdoor haunt, with the queue being outside... we experience VERY dramatic swings in temperatures ... 80 degrees one night, 35 degrees the next

2. comfortable
--- since I will be in this all night, being the face of the haunt... I will want to be fairly comfortable. I have worked in this haunt as an actor for the last few years, so I am accustomed to wearing costumes for several hours a night... but being an actor, I can get a brief break from time to time to adjust my costume. ... in this role, I will not be able to do that as easily.

3. wow-factor.
--- I will be the 'face' of the haunt... I want people to leave the haunt thinking that 'the MC looked pretty scary/cool' ... I have thought of being a 'carnival caller' type of character, but that just isn't very exciting. I LOVE doing makeup, so I wouldn't be opposed to doing that.

so... any thoughts, my friends?

I was thinking of doing a throw-back peirrot clown (only black and white makeup) or something similar... but clowns are kind of cliche (this coming from a guy who is going to be a clown for halloween this year).

Thanks in advance!!
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whats the haunt theme? randomness?...like you could be anything and It could fit?
yeah... we have a little bit of everything in there.
OK cool, here's just a little bit of what I have. (There would be more but I'm waiting for my car at the service center and I can't think because spongbob is on TV and they keep meowing and its driving me crazy Lol)
Mad scientist: I liked this picture mainly because I thought it would be rad to carry around a big tube with some deformed experiment inside. You could bring it uncomfortably close to peoples faces.
Action-adventure game Adventure game Fiction Animation Pc game

Circus ring leader: I'm just “eh" with this but you could make it monsterous or dead : Clothing Standing Costume Suit Outerwear

The baron-pretty straight forward. But the suit could be anything. You can carry around a stick that lights up: Cartoon Illustration Fictional character Art Musician

Ice cream man-this one could vary I'm either way Human Flesh Movie

Tradition Art Fictional character

And lastly
Wolfman- this is simple buuuut you can do an easy wolfman makeup and make it into ANY character. Hell it could even be the ring master one too:
Hair Face Forehead Facial hair Eyebrow

Hope this gets some creative juices flowing. I'll pop back in with others as they come to me if you want
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Thanks for the suggestions, Miles! I like the Baron idea a lot!
Few costumes that I could Refer

Thanks for the suggestions, Miles! I like the Baron idea a lot!
Here's some example :
and these are direct amazon links :



I was trying think of a costume that would work in all weathers, and I have been watching Alfred Hitchcocks 'The Birds' and I thought that it would be a really creepy, gory unusual costume. I am imagining, your clothes covered in 'peck holes' and bloody, you could make your eyes look blacked out and bloody as if they have been pecked out, and you could get several black crows/birds from the dollar store or other cheap shop and attach them to your clothes and on your head, in different positions wings out etc as if you were undergoing a full bird attack. I have put a couple of pics to inspire they are not all gory but gives you the kind of idea

Drawing Black-and-white Illustration Art Photography
Face Zombie Head Nose Flesh
Black-and-white Water Monochrome Monochrome photography Leg

Human Flesh Room Furniture
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