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Costume Help!

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What do you guys think would be a cute teen costume that isn't too over-the-top?
I was thinking a 1920s flapper, minnie mouse, cinderella (with a knee length and less dressy dress), dorothy (same idea as cinderella) or a circus/ring leader.

I don't mind buying costumes as long as they aren't too expensive and aren't too tacky. But, any costumes I can put together with thrift store finds and accessories are also great!
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hmm thats a hard one because things look different on everyone how every at a first stab I would have to say ring leader (how ever there is many different types of outfits that could be)
I would go with the 1920's flapper because you can easily modify a dress you have or find one at a thriftshop. Then a neckless and a feather in a headband and your done. Classy but definatly not over the top. It is a costume that has a little sex apeal, but not provocotive or too flamboyent. This is my recommendation to you.
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