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Costume help and ideas for four eyed people.

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Does anyone else have this issue of having to wear glasses with your costume and it messes up the entire look..? I am one if the unfortunate souls that cannot wear contacts. There are so many costumes and make up ideas I would like to try but then I'm burdened by my glasses... Or going blind for the night. Does anyone else have this problem what are some of your solutions. Or ideas.

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My hubby has glasses and refuses to get contacts as the idea of something in his eye freaks him out. SO we definitely end up having to do workarounds on the costumes. For the most part, we do lots of masks, and he tries them on with the glasses underneath to make sure they fit comfortably before we buy them. Or I make his costume/mask. Or he is something that could conceivably wear glasses (like "Mad Scientist").

I made Sam Hein from Trick R Treat with a great mask that really worked out well with the glasses. He's also been Michael Myers and that mask is the one that we definitely did work on finding a comfortable mask that he could wear the glasses under... so depending on your plans, you might have to visit brick and mortar stores like Spirit or Halloween Express for the higher quality masks and test them out instead of ordering online if you're pressed for time (if you plan ahead, you can always order online and send back if they don't fit well).

Have a friend that wears glasses under his (elaborate) costumes as well - was Snake Eyes from GI Joe one year and that worked perfectly to camouflage his glasses without having to compromise the overall look. He made his costume, so he was able to adjust as needed to make sure it fit well.

So the best suggestion is to incorporate glasses into the costume idea - or mask to hide the fact that you're wearing them.
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