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Corpsing my Walgreen's Skellie

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My first attempt at corpsing.

My supplies are:
1. Cheesecloth
2. Spray adhesive
3. MinWax, Stain and Polyurthane, Classic Oak

Comments? Suggestions?

Did this last night. Should I go with one more application of cheesecloth?

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Nice! Yes, I would add more layers...maybe on the head too. If you have any of those cheap bags of spider webs, they help make it look creepy and stringy. Just tear some manageable chunks off and use the same application technique that you used for the cheese cloth. A trick with the mouth is that you can add some shredded cheese cloth "skin" between the face and jaw. For me, that area seems to be a focal point. Also, when you lay down the cloth in a few layers, before it sets, use something sharp to tear a jagged hole and expose the skellie's bone. I like the stain that you used. I tend to go a little darker (Mahogany), but then I drybrush on an off-white paint for contrast. Another quick/cheap thing...cut a few dozen strands of long wig hair, spray paint it flat black if it's not a good/scary color...and glue that on the head in a random/scary fashion. Creep city. lol

All this said, if you left it just like you have it...it looks great and will surely scare people. :)
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