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This is sort of a two'fer since I had to corpsify my Blucky before throwing him to the crows.

The first step to Corpsification of a Blucky is to make it look more like a Skeleton. take a Razor knife and (being careful not to eviscerate yourself) cut away in between the "bones" The arm and leg bones are pretty well marked for the lower leg and fore arm to be 2 bones. Just cut out the excess and tape them up to look round. the rib cage is a similar process front and back taking slices out in between the ribs and opening up up the underside of the rib cage leaving the faux spinal area.

On the Skull open up the eyes and the mouth. I used tape to make eye sockets ponce the flat plastic was excised. My Blucky was a hand-me-down and was missing a hand so I cut the for arm to make it look like the bones had been broken.

the Blucky now looks like this.

Next el' Blucko needs some rotten flesh. For this I use dollar store panty hose and carpet adhesive from Lowes / Home Depot / Ace / Wherever.

I put one pair on him normally (legs first) and the other pair over his arms like a long sleeved shirt. stretching the nylon around his skull can be a bit tricky and I wired it around his neck to compartmentalize the head. after pulling the hose down over the rib cage and securing it to the bottom hose via a little bit of wire I went to town with the razor knife and my fingers. cutting and ripping till it exposed enough bone to look good.

Next grab a pair of disposable gloves and smear the adhesive on all over both on the hose and the exposed plastic. have fun make a mess! the hose will stick to the plastic and take on that leathery rotted flesh look. (put down a tarp though this can be messy)

Once the adhesive starts curing the color of the hose will show back up. I waited 24 hours and hit him with a foam brush and Min wax red oak stain then another 24 hours I hit him with splotches of cherry stain. Make sure and let it drip for good effect! Once I was satisfied with that "look" I let him dry for a good 4 days (the adhesive is still tacky for about a week. I also made adjustments to the "skin" attaching the head to the body.. cutting some so it would be less bag like and more rotten.

Next came the Crow Cage. More accurately called a Gibbet.

This takes

5 - sticks of 1/2 inch schedule 20 (the cheap sh**) PVC Cut to the following sizes.

8 @ 3.5 "
4 @ 2 " (assuming a 1/2 inch base board)
12 @ 1.5 "
4 @ 40 "
4 @ 42.5 "
8 @ 6"
2 @ 13.5 "
2 @ 15 "
and 4 @ 4 "

And you will need the following PVC fittings and some PVC Primer and glue

2 - 90's
4 - 45's
4 - Cross fittings
20 - T's
4 - caps
1 - 3 inch by 1/4 inch eye bolt and nuts
1- 12 inch x 12 inch base (I Used some MDF I had on hand but if you use MDF you must seal it really really really really well, and still expect it to swell and deform in humidity)

Take your 12 by 12 base and draw a line one inch from each edge. where these lines intersect is the center for a 7/8 inch hole. if you aren't sure of your pipe fitting skills you may want to drill these 1 inch to give yourself some slop. Seal your base board, don't forget to seal inside the holes.

next pull out 12 t fittings the 3.5" pieces of PVC, the 2 " pieces of PVC and the four caps. take 3 T's and 2 - 3.5" pieces and assemble as shown here. have 4 of he 1.5 " pieces standing by.

Now the part where I was saying you might want to give your self some slop room when you drill your holes. take 2 of the cap/ 2" PVC pieces and slide the PVC up through the base so the caps are on the bottom then glue one of the the "T" assemblies and glue it to these pieces effectively trapping the board between the cap and T fittings. (make sure your center T is facing up)

Repeat on the opposite side of the board. now use the 1.5" pieces to place the remaining two t assemblies on the already secured pieces so your base now looks like this:

Looks a lot like Lego's doesn't it?

any way now Glue your 40" pieces in the corners and the 42.5" pieces in the center T's it will now look a bit odd as two of the center up rights will be taller than the rest of the pieces. It's OK you didn't mess up, have a drink of beer and go on to the next step.

Next Pull out your remaining 8 T's and the 4 cross pieces assemble them with the 6 inc pieces to look like this

I also put 4 of my 1.5 inch pieces in place in 2 assemblies as these will go together much like the base pieces did. Take the two assemblies with the 1.5" stubs and attach them to the three on one side that are all the same height. repeat for the opposite side. the stubs will be pointing up so you can take the remaining two assemblies and attach them to the remaining sides. the cage should now look like this: (note that the lower t assemblies on top are on the same side of the lower t assemblies on the bottom.)

set the remaining 4 1.5 inch pieces in the corner fittings and the 4" pieces in the top of the Cross fittings.

Now back to hard parts. you have to drill through the center of the 90's to insert the eye bolt through them. use a Drill Press. If you do not have a Drill Press Skip this step and simply tie your two top pieces together at the 90 fittings.

once they are drilled and you are sure they go together as shown above take them back apart. take your 45's and put them on an end of your remaining pieces. (you should have two 15" pieces and 2 "13.5 inch pieces left) assemble them so that the two 15" pieces are attached to one 90 and the two 13.5 inch pieces are attached to the other. make sure that the 45's will be pointing straight down whene the piece is put on top of the cage.

Take the long "arch" and bolt it in place with the small "arch" through the hole you drilled in the 90's this pyramid shape should fit with a minimum of coercion on top of the cage DON"T glue it in place yet we still have to paint!

Now after dry fitting take the Blucky out and spray paint the whole thing black ( I use the 99 cent a can flat black I have to do a little touch up each year but it works)

Tarps are good here to my grass won't love me for painting it Black. Don't forget to put painters tape on the 1.5 inch stubs at the corners. some times PCV glue disagrees with paint.

Finally put your Blucky in the cage and seal it up!

I also used a black cord to tie my Blucky to the top so he would stand in the cage. though he looked pretty good slumped too.

I estimate the total cost for this project is about $50 to $60 give or take, depending on what you already have on hand. ( I already had the stains and the MDF I used as well as my Blucky was an old one my Father in Law had and a few other odds and ends. So this actually ran me about $30)

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Very nice design, i will build one using your plans also. Great work.

lies dead but dreaming
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Since I did this original I have gone to using knee highs instead of panty hose that way I can still assemble and disassemble the Blucky's for storage.

corpsing bluckys by Don and Monica Riney, on Flickr
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