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After long consideration I have decided to do "Friday the 13th" as a theme this year mostly because 10/13/2023 is a Friday. I was originally going to revamp my whole thing this year and I still plan on doing this in the years to come. The current economic situation here in the states means I'm broke as joke folks so craftiness and creativity will be super duper important to stretch my virtually nonexistent budget to the max. That being said I am still considering this as phase 1 of the total overhaul of the haunt that will expand it out of my small garage and onto the property surrounding it. This is my second time doing F13 as a theme. Imma huge fan of the franchise so I'm going to take another stab at it this year.

I polled the forum back in November and in that thread someone had recommended doing a kid safe entrance portion and then having the rest of it be more intense for older more adventurous souls to continue to walk through if they so desire.

A general outline:
Section one: Entrance and kids friendly zone will be a cemetery with the grave of Jason Vorhees exhumed. I will attempt a F13 part six look for the grave scene. I want to put Pamula's grave in there as well and maybe some behind the scenes graves of cast and crew as Easter eggs for fans of the franchise. There will be no scares here just creepy atmosphere and the candy table. After the candy table the tots will be able to either continue into the forest or horseshoe back around to the entrance. The graveyard will become a permanent feature of my haunt in future years.

Section two: Forest/Camp Crystal Lake will crank up the volume with death scenes inspired by the franchise. It will include at least one cabin façade that I will create by refurbishing a Christmas display I already have. I plan on creating spooky trees that I will recycle every year as the forest will also become a permanent feature.

Section three: The maze will be constructed out of camo netting I already posses and will feature me in costume as Jason roaming the maze. I want it to be a legitimate maze with at least one dead end. The maze, although I plan on reconstructing the walls at some point, will also become a permanent feature of the haunt.

Section three: Garage/Jason's Lair. tots will exit the maze directly into Jason's Lair that will feature Jason's shrine to his mother and I'm contemplating incorporating things from part 9 (Jason goes o Hell) here as well. They will exit the lair back to the sidewalk only about 20 feet from where they entered the haunt.

That's my very basic infant phase plan thus far. I have 7 or 8 hockey masks that I am going to alter so Jason can be "everywhere" all at once. When I actually figure out the individual scenes I want them to progress. For example if it is suggested that Jason takes some kind of damage in one scene than I want it reflected in the next to give the whole haunt some kind of continuity. Some of Jason's victims will reappear as corpses in Jason's shrine room etc.

That's all for now. Hopefully I'll check back in soon!
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