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Coolest Glow In The Dark Vampire Doughnuts!! + frankenstein + pumpkin

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Watch Halloween Video here --> http://youtu.be/hXHbzec6Y_A?list=PLTjwrfM-uftTDx2Dvo6inpICoQUATZYV7

:D Hi fellow Halloween lovers!
I just wanted to share my incredibly easy halloween treat video. These are the coolest little vampire doughnuts and look so amazing in the dark. If you are having a halloween party impress your guests when you turn the lights low and they see these little bloodsuckers glowing!
Also I am having a MONSTROUS halloween give away where I give away an entire halloween party to one lucky viewer. I barely started my channel and only have a few subscribers so you have a huge chance of winning. :)


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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