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So my mom has some of the coolest customers, and every now and again they bring in something neat.

today she had a customer bring in a small booklet with information about Smooth On Liquid Rubbers.
checked out the site and it all looks awesome. Smooth-On - Mold Making and Casting Materials for a World of Applications!

Products that have my interest so far: the life casting materials, the Sorta clear silicone, the SFX stuff and this Ignite Pigment that they mention but do not seem to have listed. must find it else where i guess.

now the questions:
the ignite pigments....

does that have to be mixed into the whole or can it be put in as like a design in a certain area, say a tattoo like pattern on a face appliance?

does the color stand out or is it hidden until it hits a certain light?

and is that not the coolest thing for a customer to do? :cool:

ok, i'm off to do more info gathering! :)

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Smooth-on is a very reputable company, with some of the best products out there!

Some of that alginate I told you about is from Smooth-on, a little pricier, but definitely Superior to the cheap stuff.
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