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Cool glass skull jewelry

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Check out the photo attached. I picked this up from a kid from Japan who has a booth across from mine at a bead show. This is probably the simplest of his designs and he has some stuff with lost wax cast silver spider webbing on skulls or around eyeballs. I don't think he has a website, but if you search for Takehisa Okumura you should find something. the skull is sculpted from the back, fumed with silver for color, areas are masked off with clear glass to preserve color and the rest of the silver is burned away before the back of the piece is applied. this is all hot work meaning he's working with molten and partially molten glass in a torch flame. He makes glass pendants, marbles, and some sculptures. None of it cheap, but all of it work the cost. He's got sculpting skills at the level of our own Lauriebeast. i can do the technique, but I am just not the sculptor he is and it shows when our work is compared [that's why there's no photo of my attempt].
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ohhhh wow!!!
Wish his classes weren't so expensive. He's only 30+ minutes from me :-D
Maybe I need to go check out his shop
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