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Cool faux fire

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Check out this faux fire, really looks cool. I would love to add this effect to my haunt, maybe around my witch or in the cauldron. I think they are just piping fog through a pvc pipe with holes in it so it goes up and they probably have some LED's aimed at it. Anyone else want to dissect this prop, I cant find a tutorial for it.

YouTube - Faux Fire Effect using Fog Machines
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That is pretty darn nifty!

I did hook the fogger up to my witch's cauldron and have a string of flicker lights hidden in a fire ring complete with wood that looks exactly like real fire. I use a giant plastic planter for the cauldron, and I actually have the drain holes open, so some fog leaks out of the bottom and the flicker light reflects off of the little streams of fog and looks even more realistic. Not a full on flames licking the cauldron type, but a nicely caught banked fire effect.
No video, unfortunately, but you get the idea.

It's not nearly as good as your link, but it works well enough that I had people commenting on the fire in my yard. ;)

They have to be using some really cool lighting to get their fog to look so much like flames - that is amazing.
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