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This is a replica of an antique. I've seen the pictures floating around the internet for a couple of years. I hope you get a good product, but I would be concerned that this is one of those companies that rips pictures off the internet and you're not getting the item you are sold. Please do post an update when you get it. :)

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I can't get the damn cart to work. ARGH!!!
Before anyone orders I would wait and see what the OP actually gets for their money. The pictures appear to be stolen from a lighting company called Rejuvination.

If you look at Gifts4-life's #4 pendant for $59.90


Light fixture Lighting Ceiling Ceiling fixture Brass

and compare it to Rejuvinations Sunset Pendant for $2200.00, or Drake Pendant for $2100.00.


Lighting Light fixture Ceiling fixture Ceiling Interior design

They appear to be identical except for the lamp shade.

However the colored pendant globe seems to be one of their old styles as seen in this blog post from 2009.


Also gift4-life.com lists their pendant as being 25 inches tall while Rejuvenation's pendant is a minimum of 34 inches.

It also appears that gifts4-life.com is owned/operated by a company called All Day Direct which also ows a site called TwistedCases.com

See https://gifts-4life.com/pages/terms-and-conditions, and https://twistedcases.com/pages/terms-and-conditions

The BBB serving Northern Colorado and Wyoming put out a warning about all day direct/twisted cases because they don't answer complaints. See https://www.bbb.org/wyoming-and-nor...05/bbb-warns-about-online-phone-case-company/

Caveat Emptor

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Tried the link several times. I hope the OP gets their light.

I remember the bat lights from Rejuvenation (we used to get catalog). All of their products are beautiful.


Curious to see what this ended up looking like.

Actually the website http://www.gifts-4life.com has already been taken offline so I guess I got my answer. Hopefully the OP paid with a credit card so she can dispute the charge and get her money back.
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