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Cool and easy to build props?

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While I started with an Axworthy ghost as my first prop, I really started to enjoy building this stuff when someone on here posted the instructions on how to build your own Trashcan Trauma prop (I believe there was some sort of organized meeting where a bunch of people built many of them).

Has anyone come up with a new prop in the last 2 years, which is as cool and easy to build as the TCT prop?
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I think the next logical step would be a FCG or a monster in a box :)

yeah monster in the box is easy just get an old fan and get the motor out. or for a static prop tombstones. HOMEMADE!!

Here is a kick ass prop which is an extremely simple build.

Follow these instructions for a simple PVC frame.

Corpse Head, Severed Head, Corpse mannequin, Dead Corpse, Corpse Bust, Corpse prop

Purchase a mask
Purchase two (2) cornstalks
Paint PVC a tannish color so it blends in with the cornstalks.

Additionally Nighthaunt Studios sells some cool arms which I recommend, but thats up to you. Link below

Bendable ZOMBIE ARMS Horror Corpse HALLOWEEN Prop MASK - eBay (item 130334334071 end time Oct-07-09 14:47:06 PDT)

Add some LED's for lighting and this is what you end up with:
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