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Greetings from the UK and thanks for welcoming me to this site. ?

Hopefully someone can provide me with some advice re a project I want to do. I have little or no electrical experience so looking for some simple hints and tips.

I bought a Gemmy Santa off eBay last year but it doesn't work. I want to try and make him into a Halloween prop e.g re dress him, add hat, paint beard.

If I plug in a 9v power source the motor that swings the hips spins only regardless of the setting on the switch. I have subsequently taken the bottom off to reveal the circuit board, no wires are obviously loose. I have with some advice off the internet located the wires seperately which run some of the motors. So the mouth moves with voltage applied as does hip motor. Head motor makes buzzing noise so not sure if that works.

Few questions then.

Firstly is it likely something simple broken on circuit board or is it not even worth trying to fix it?
If that's the case is there a simple way to by pass the circuit board and run some of the functions e.g. Mouth, hips and adding seperate power direct to motors.
Or if that fails does anyone have any quick and simple ways to add some sound and a little movement to figure e.g. Using a separate CD or MP3 player, sensors, motor from a fan?

Sorry for all the questions!
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