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controller kits

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Hi does anyone know of sources where one could get kits to build prop controllers? I don't mind soldering etc. don't have the money to buy multiple controllers. Actually I do but my wife says I don't.
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Not sure what kind of controller or how many you're looking for. If you want a good true programmable controller, you can't go wrong with the EFX-TEK Prop-1. They're $40 each, $36 if you buy 5, $30 if you buy 10, and they're already assembled.
A member here who goes by the name Halstaff, has an assortment of controllers . You might want to drop- him a line.
Thanks for the info. I read someplace don't remember where about someone who may have kits. I believe they went by tstraub or something like that.
Yup, I ordered the 4 button controller board from tstraub a few years ago and soldered the parts on. I've got 2 seasons on them and they work great.

See the following thread:
Thanks for the info. I found him At Haunt forum and ordered the pcbs. Looks like the assembly of it is pretty straight forward. Anyone have any problems doing these?
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