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control freak and beam detector

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HI all,

I hope somebody can help me with this one. I am setting up the Scary Clown mirror using the control freak. Last year I used the motion sensor but now I would like to switch to the beam sensor. The beam sensor has brown (+), blue(-), white (gr), black (nc), grey (no).
How do I hook it up to the control freak?

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Post spec links to the controller and the sensor so we can see what we're dealing with.
Night Frights Control Freak and Frightprops beam sensor with relay.
Brown (+) and Blue (-) are the power connections for the sensor (12vdc).
White and Black are Normally Open (N.O.) and go to the two right terminals of the "Trigger" terminal block on the Control Freak (when viewing from the back)
The jumper needs to be in place on the two center terminals of the "Trigger" terminal block.


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Just posted a pic for you in post #4
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I just tried to hook it up like you said. I connected the freak with the detector and the DVD player. Turned it on. I have a solid red light, there is power to the beam detector, but that is all. It does not trigger the device. Is it possible that I would need to connect to 3 & 4 like I do with the PIR? Or is there something else I should try?
I got that info right from their manual.http://nightfrights.com/support.html
You can try the gray and white wires connected to terminals 3 and 4 (remove the jumper) The gray and white are supposed to be NC like your PIR was.
I tried all variations. The only thing happened was that it went into continuous "triggered" status. So either I get no response at all, or it is always on. If I just use simple wires to close the circuit then it triggers as it is supposed to. touch - trigger, no touch - no trigger. I tried changing the beam sensor for another one. Same result. hmmm.....
Well obviously the beam sensor isn't functioning properly. Can you check the NO and NC leads from the sensor with a meter? Check them with the sensor unpowered and then again with it powered up. Trip the beam and see if the relay closes the black/white and opens the white/gray. Not sure what else to tell ya, that's how that sensor is supposed to work.
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