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CONTEST : Animatronics design challenge with ServoCity!!

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We are getting close to that time of year!!! Enter to Win the Animatronics Design Challenge and you could win $500 worth of parts from ServoCity !!

Animatronics Design Challenge
Many people are counting down the days till Christmas, but we know this crowd is counting down the days until Halloween (and are likely furiously working away to complete this year’s costume, prop, haunt, etc.) and we want to help!

Do you have an awesome animatronic project idea, but could use some funds to build it? Then check out our Actobotics® Animatronics Challenge! Submit your design and be entered to win $500 worth of parts to actually build your design!

Rules & Guidelines

• You must submit a completed and detailed design. Your submission must include:
o A labeled photo/drawing/schematic of your project (the more detailed the better)
o A description of your design
o A list of parts used in your design
• Email your submission to [email protected] by 5PM CST on September 8th and you’re entered to win!

The Prize!
• Your finished build will be featured on our website, blog and newsletter seen by thousands of individuals!
• Your choice of $500 worth of parts from ServoCity to help bring your design to life!


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