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Connecting 2 Fog Machines Together Please Help!

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Hey guys, this might be a shot in the dark but was wondering if anyone knows how to connect 2 VEI 950 Fog Machines together in Series? It doesn't say in the manual and I can't get a hold of anybody at VEI and they no longer make this model fog machine. I know you can do it cause it says you can in the manual and there is a jack for it on the back of the machine. On the back of the machine there is a 5 pin female input for the remote control/timer and then a 3 pin female jack that says "Output to Next Unit". You would think there would also be an " Input from other unit" jack on there too but there isn't. So how in the heck do you connect 2 units together? Do you use a DMX cable? A XLR cable? A special Cable? And all cables are typically male/female cables and all the jacks on the machines are Female and thus you would need a cable with 2 male ends to go between the 2 units. I would guess since the " Output to Next Unit" is an output and the remote control/timer input as an input that you would connect them using these 2 jacks, but then you would need a 3 pin male to a 5 pin male cable, and there is no such thing that I can find anywhere. My goal is to just use 1 remote/timer plugged in to the "master" fogger and have the foggers connected to where they pump out fog at the same time when the 1 remote commands them to. Any ideas??? Please help! Audio equipment Electronics Technology Electronic device Loudspeaker
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Just My Two cents,
I think your on the right track makes sense that the 3 pin would go to the 5 pin connector. Common in aviation to have extra pin connectors that have capped and stowed wiring or dead pins. Only issue I see is there is no telling how this thing is wired internally a schematic is your best bet. There might be a simple wiring diagram inside the machine itself. :confused:?
I know there are others on the forum with much more experience than me with this sort of thing.
Hopefully will hear from someone else with a better idea.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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