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Connecting 2 Fog Machines Together Please Help!

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Hey guys, this might be a shot in the dark but was wondering if anyone knows how to connect 2 VEI 950 Fog Machines together in Series? It doesn't say in the manual and I can't get a hold of anybody at VEI and they no longer make this model fog machine. I know you can do it cause it says you can in the manual and there is a jack for it on the back of the machine. On the back of the machine there is a 5 pin female input for the remote control/timer and then a 3 pin female jack that says "Output to Next Unit". You would think there would also be an " Input from other unit" jack on there too but there isn't. So how in the heck do you connect 2 units together? Do you use a DMX cable? A XLR cable? A special Cable? And all cables are typically male/female cables and all the jacks on the machines are Female and thus you would need a cable with 2 male ends to go between the 2 units. I would guess since the " Output to Next Unit" is an output and the remote control/timer input as an input that you would connect them using these 2 jacks, but then you would need a 3 pin male to a 5 pin male cable, and there is no such thing that I can find anywhere. My goal is to just use 1 remote/timer plugged in to the "master" fogger and have the foggers connected to where they pump out fog at the same time when the 1 remote commands them to. Any ideas??? Please help! Audio equipment Electronics Technology Electronic device Loudspeaker
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Just a guess, but I think the output from the first machine would connect to the remote input on the second machine and so on for additional machines.
Yeah, that's what I was thinking too, but you would need a 3 pin male to 5 pin male cable, and there's no such thing that I could find. Makes you wonder why in the world they would make the machine like that if you need to buy a special adapter for it. May just have to buy one and try it like you said. Thanks Chewbacca!
Try a guitar store

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I tried GC, they didn't really know either.
3pin to 3pin cord to machine to machine

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But aren't the 3 pin connector jacks both Outputs? In which case it wouldn't allow the foggers to "talk" to each other? Normal theory would make you believe that they would both be sending out signals and neither one would be receiving. I have thought about this being one of the 2 options to connecting the 2 together and that the label being "Output" to next unit" is just poorly worded. I'm going to try to connect the 3 pin output to the 5 pin remote input first using an adapter and go from there. If that doesn't work I'll try connecting the 3 pin connector outputs to each other and see what that does. Thanks for the suggestions!
UPDATE: I got a 5 pin male to 3 pin male connector and connected the machines using the "Output to next unit" on the master fogger to the "remote control input" of the slave fogger. Unfortunately they don't fog at the same time as I was hoping for. With the timer on or continuous fog on, only the slave fogger fogs, if I hit the Manual button on the remote, only the master fogger fogs. Any ideas??? I went ahead and purchased a 3 pin male to 3 pin male adapter as well and I'm going to try the other suggested idea of connecting the foggers by using both " Output to next Unit" jacks and see if that does it. If that doesn't work, I guess I have no idea what VEI meant by being able to run these machines in series.
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