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Computer Power supply Control Box

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Hi all,
I have been using computer power supplies to run my wiper motor props for a few years now, and finally decided to try and remote my power supply and run out low voltage cables to the props. I wanted to control 2 different props so I set up a box with two voltages in it, a 12V and a 3.3V. I ran the 12V thru a DC pulse speed controller for a prop I have which turns left to right like its watching you as you come by, and the 3.3V I ran straight thru to control a peeking skeleton prop which has to go slow. I installed some short SJ cable with insulated crimps on the ends and made patch cords with the same type ends to run from my controller to my props. Here are some photos.
Has anyone here done a similar thing I love all the ideas I find on the forum so if so Send em my way.
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Yes I've been doing that for a few years now where one computer power supply is driving 4-5 props spread throughout the yard. I picked up a bunch of waterproof 3 pin connectors off ebay and have been taking old computer power cords, cutting off the ends and putting on these 3-pin connectors making my own low voltage extension cords. (I run 12v, 5v and Gnd on the three wires to all my props).
You just have to watch the length and gauge of the wires you use. At 12 volts, you can get some serious voltage drops if you run over too long a distance.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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