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"Gene Simmons is remembered for his 1964 novelty hit "Haunted House," but his career was longer and more varied than the term one-hit wonder suggests. He had only one other hit, "The Dodo," which peaked at number 83 in the wake of "Haunted House," but he recorded an entire album and numerous singles for Hi Records in the '60s. The era covered by this collection, 1959-1965, found Simmons abandoning the rockabilly of his Sun years in favor of a straight rock & roll sound that edged toward soul as the '60s wore on, with practically no hint of his former hillbilly vocal mannerisms. Simmons fell in line with other old-school rock & rollers of the early to mid-'60s who tried to stick with '50s rock formulae (Ronnie Hawkins and Jimmy Gilmer, for example), and consequently his music was a little retrograde in the face of the British Invasion. But fans of old-fashioned rock & roll who appreciate Simmons' history and "Haunted House" enough to splurge on this comprehensive two-disc set won't be disappointed. ~ Greg Adams, All Music Guide"



Track Listings:

Disc: 1
1. Teddy Bear
2. Your True Love
3. No Other Guy
4. The Shape You Left Me In
5. Twist Caldonia
6. Be Her #1
7. Haunted House
8. Hey, Hey Little Girl
9. The Dodo
10. The Jump
11. Skinny Minnie
12. I'm A Ramblin' Man
13. Folsom Prison Blues
14. Mattie Rae
15. The Batman
16. Mossy Boss
17. Keep That Meat In The Pan
18. Go On Shoes

Disc: 2
1. Haunted House
2. You Can Have Her
3. Boney Moronie
4. The Green Door
5. Rock Around The Clock
6. Hotel Happiness
7. Teen-age Letter
8. Don't Let Go
9. Slippin' And A-Slidin
10. (I'm) Comin' Down With Love
11. Just A Little Bit
12. No Help Wanted
13. Goin' Back To Memphis
14. Bad Boy Willie
15. Cold, Cold Heart
16. Frankie And Johnnie
17. Down In The Alley
18. Come On Over, Put Some Love On Me
19. Listen To Me Lie
20. Wedding Bells
21. Invitation To The Blues
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