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We made one like that about 4 years ago but it's smaller. I wish we had made it bigger. It holds a Blucky but not a person.

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Nice fit

Thanks for the kind words. I think this will be a nice fit, what do you think? Also should I add a little skin?


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How to

A how to for coffin building.

Supply list.
1 x 2 x 96 – 10ea $1.30 ea
4 x 8 sheet of 1/4” luan plywood $12.00 ea
2 x 4” metal strapping – 6ea $0.50 ea
Wood screws around 5/8 long
Dacron batting (purchased at Joann’s $12.99 – 40%)
Some type of fabric for lining (from fabric by the pound $9.00) 3 yrd’s
Drywall paper tape
Wood glue
1/2 scrap plywood for added support (you see why)

Tools needed
Brad nailer (a must have) 3/4” & 1 1/14” nails
Skill saw
Spring clamps (if you have them are nice)

Go to your local Home depot or whatever to get the wood, Have them rip off two pieces from the plywood at eleven inches.

1. At home cross cut the 26” x 96” section to 74”.
2. Measure from the bottom up 60” and mark on each side.
3. Measure and mark the center on the top and bottom at around 13”.
4. From the mark at the bottom measure out 8” to each side and mark.
5. From the mark at the top measure out 5” to each side and mark.

Now you have the layout for the bottom of the coffin. All that is left to do is connect the marks and make the cuts.

Next thing is to measure out the sides. I started at the bottom. Measure from the bottom up to the top of the side cut that ended at the 60” mark, transfer that measurement to a 1 x 2 and cut, check to make sure that it will not overhand the outer edge of the bottom.

Nail that piece to the base of the coffin so it is flush with the edge and not over. Now do the opposite side and do the same thing. Move up to the next section and do it again, than the top and bottom. If you work this way you will have gaps at the end of the 1 x 2’s this will not be a problem.

So what you should have is the base assembly and you are ready to cut the sides. Follow the same procedure in cutting the sides. They should all fit together fairly well but not an exact fit.

What needs to be done now is to tie it all together. Around the inside at the top, frame all of the sidepiece with the 1 x 2’s, you will want this to be as tight of a fit as possible. Next measure from the base to the underside of the upper frame, cut 1 x 2 and nail into place on each side of the sections so the 1 x 2 touch each other. If you have done this correctly you will have cut and nailed in 8 pieces around the sides and 2 on the bottom.

Time for the metal straps, take them and bend them to fit into each of the corners and screw then into place.

Depending if you what to put handles on your coffin is up to you. If you do now is the time to locate where they are going to be and put in the addition support (scrap plywood). And if you are going to hang a buckey you will also need some support at the top. Cut glue and nail them into place.

On each of the corners on the outside take some of the drywall tape and load it with the wood glue and cover the corners, attached your handles if you are going to have them. I cut 8 pieces (2 for each end point) of the 1 x 2 and stacked, glued and nailed in each piece for the base of my handle them a piece from end to end.

Congratulations you have built a coffin!!

Paint the coffin; I just use 2 cans of flat black spray paint quick and easy.

Lining the coffin.

I put in a layer of Dacron batting to keep the liner fabric from snagging and to give it that puffy look. Covered all of the inside but not to the top. Simply stapled it into place.

Lay the liner over and put it into place. Now on this I did let it drape out and over the top edge, staple into place and trim off.

Paint two of the 1 x 2 for the frame that will cover the fabric on the upper edge.

Lastly it is time to place the frame around the outer edge. Take some time in laying this out and make sure you are happy before you start cutting. Nail the sections in and do a little touch up and your done.

Total cost for me was around $45.00
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