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Coffin outhouse song

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Ok , I had some extra pallet wood and made me a coffing outhouse . Now , I made this with an air cylinder to open the door and I have a little light at the top for the person/skeleton using to outhouse to be able to see .
Now , the person/thing in there , is a skeleton , sitting on the "pot" , reading a magazine - "PLAYBONES " , which has a 3 axis head that I plan on having him sing a song when the door opens . The song , perferably something that fits the scenario and is commonly known to the general public , is the problem I am having .
I wasn't sure if I should put this in the MUSIC section or here , I chose here . Hopefully , I chose correctly - LOL

So , my dilema is this ...
What song would go good ? I was thinking that the song
"Somebody's watching me" by Mysto and Pizzi would fit ... but am asking for any other song choice ideas .
Anybody ?
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Well my first reaction was....'rolling down the river' hahaha

Then I remembered this song:
Brad Paisley - Ode de Toilet (The Toilet Song) - Free MP3 Stream on IMEEM Music

But your guy's already going to be sitting so no need to put down the seat haha

WOW... thanks , thats what I was talking about !

Anybody else have any great ideas/songs , like that one . ( Brad Paisley one )
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How about Push Push from cinderella, or smokin in the boys room from motley crue or alice cooper. Or maybe even how you gonna see me now from alice cooper. Safety dance from men without hats would be funny. Maybe sitting on the dock of the bay, not sure who does that one. The immigrant song from led zepplin would be helarious. I can see the door opening and all of a sudden you hear the immigrant song start and the sklelton singing aaaaa.....aaaaa.
My oldest daughter also thought of smoking the boys room . It is a good idea , but ... how would I have a cigarette appear to be light , when the coffin/outhouse foor opens ?
A red led inserted into the end of the cigarette, a low powered fog machine (200 Watts) to provide the smoke.
That would take a LOT of finese using a fogger for the tip of a cigaretter . I was thinking ..maybe a setup like the electric trains use for those real smoke stacks . Don't know yet ... am gonna do some research on it now . But , thanks for the ideas
I was thinking you would just fill the outhouse with fog, not push it out the cigarette.

That way it looks like they occupant had been in there smoking it up for awhile.
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