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Coffin - Is this a good deal?

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I found this on craigslist. Talked the guy down to $400. Is it worth it ya think?

Wooden Coffin
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I'm torn.

I still think $400 is too high for an item that the seller should understand has limited function and appeal - pretty much only Halloween nuts like us and the morbid are going to be interested...

but I can see that it's not a toepincher - it looks pretty good for a standard modern casket, so the work/materials probably justify the cost.

If it was me, I'd offer less, and let him know that the offer stands if they don't get any takers for the higher price... and attempt to build a toepincher myself.

But if you have the money, I wouldn't go much less on the offer... I would think with the workmanship on this, you'd technically be getting a decent trade for around the asking price.
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