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Coffin - Is this a good deal?

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I found this on craigslist. Talked the guy down to $400. Is it worth it ya think?

Wooden Coffin
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I would agree that 400 is a large chunk for one prop. However I know I had close to 150 in mine and would have been lot more if the crown molding had not been priced for clearance.
I constructed it without plans so I would guess I put more than 60 hours into it. Considering that, I would have picked up some overtime (whats that) and jumped one like this without hesitation.
This one looks great and believe me it really gets the creap factor going when you cross over the line from what is seen to be just a prop to what is believed to be the real thing.

Also you get a great storage bin for props in the off season.

I would say if its as well built as it looks snag it.
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