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The contest is ON!

Read the rules by clicking here.

The object is to build the best coffin possible.

This is the thread for general discussion about the contest.

Thanks all!
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Thank You Everybody!!! Sure appreciate everyone voting & yes Dave where were all the other members?lol If we have one contest after another maybe Jerry will get everything built that I need by Halloween. He sure got in the mood to build my coffin when I mentioned "contest". He was so proud the way it turned out I was happy for him!!

I been on him about a mausoleum & a hearse. When we had that old Diner in Nebraska out in front there was a fence built of old wagon wheels, those big metal ones. I told him there was no way I was selling that property & leaving those wagon wheels there. We have about 25 of them. Thought the new hubby was gonna kill me when we had to move those but he was a good sport about it. Those wagon wheels are gonna look great on my hearse......but that project is on the books for 2009.


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We will be having different contests throughout the year. Some contests (may) be anual contests, but most will have a spin on them so they cannot be pre-built prior to the contest. :D
Okay...since I'm new here I have to ask. Is this a yearly contest, and is it always a coffin?

p.s. Can Newbies enter:D
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