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Coffin Chairs

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Ok, so I have been lurking around this forum for a year now and really love the idea's you come up with. I want to do a coffin bar next, but this was first priority. I have someone ask if I could build a Coffin themed dinning set. I built this this last week to see what I can come up with. The chair is 64"tall it has red rope lights around the inside channel. It turned out really well. The table will be a coffin shape as well. I think I will have it split down the center so one can add a leaf if needed. What do ya think?

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That is sooooo cool! I love the lights and never would have thought of that at all! :D

Awesome idea!:cool:
Wow, that looks great! I'd love to see the whole set!!!
Pretty cool! I think you are going to have to have a power strip mounted under the table so everyone can light up at once! :)
very cool! With a nice cushion that looks like the inside of a coffin lid who look pretty cool too.
Very nice , some red velvet cushions would finish it up.
Chair looks great, but DAMN you look pissed. :eek:
That is an awesome idea !!!

Are you planning to use any lights on the coffin table ?
Fabulous! Could you make some coffin bar stools to go along with my coffin bar? :D

And what's up with that grim face??

That looks great! I could just picture those at a nice dinner party! :D
Fantastic idea & very well designed!
I like it! I would want that all year round!
I may have to redesign my poker table and chairs to your design, awesome!
very cool! With a nice cushion that looks like the inside of a coffin lid who look pretty cool too.
I'm working on getting that covered. I good at most things but not that. Sewing for me sucks.

Thanks for all your comments. Like many, I am my worst critic. It's nice to be encouraged on my idea's. :eek:
My wife wants a new dinning room set......Hmmmm perhaps I have found a new option.
Oh Yea, and the tutorial will be ready when????? Or at least the order sheet and delivery dates.
I'll see what I can do about a how to on these. I found the hardest part is to duplicate the shape. I built the first one then decided to make more...easier said than done. I now have a full size pattern to cut from. I have two more in the works. Coffin shaped table is next with a really cool (or chilling) feature coming! :D
Wow! That is really great! I could totally see those in Fangtasia on True Blood (I love that show)...
That is great work!!!!! That's the kind of prop building that I can apprieciate, something that can be used year 'round....at least in my house! Looking forward to seeing the rest of it.
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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