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Coffin Benches

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For our party this year, we wanted to do away with conventional seating (i.e. plastic chairs), and do something a little more creative. We decided that Coffin Benches would be a cool idea. My only problem is how to create them so that they are functional, and yet look cool. I had several drawings, but one of the other "hosts" of the party borrowed my notebook with all that info, and then promptly LOST it. So now I am back to square 1 with everything I had created in that book. (It had over 20 projects we were creating this year with detailed drawings and measurements)

Right Now I'm about to start redrawing them, but was interested to know if anyone had ever done anything like this before? Is there anything to recommend when I am drawing out the design? Or better yet, when we are putting my drawings into action? We also need to do this on a budget, so We need to spend less than $100 for the benches, including all the wood, fabric, and foam.

We are looking at creating 2 or 3 benches that are about 4 feet long each. That should allow 2 (or 3) people to comfortably sit at a bench. We have some other seating for the other area of the party, but found that last year we only used about 8-10 (of the 20 we provided) chairs for 75 people. Most people were dancing, drinking, conversing with each other.

We are doing a Nightmare Before Christmas Themed Event this year, and as such, we wanted to do some seating in our "Halloweentown" area, as well as our "Christmastown" area. Xmastown is going to have white chairs with various christmas Fabric on them to exemplify the holiday, but for Halloweentown we really want to have coffin benches. They would be reused next year....

Any info on construction would be appreciated. I am as always open to suggestions.

Oh and PS. This is an OUTDOOR ONLY Party. We opened the house last year, and it just got filthy and people broke items inside that were favored by the owners (i.e. my parents), and so we are not allowing people inside. The Bathroom access is thru the garage, in a special corridor so people can't destroy their home again. Yeah, 2 or 3 people ruin it for everyone else. We are just glad my parents are allowing us the venue period, since we all live in apartments at the moment.
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I made a simple plywood coffin that we use for a "coffin table" in our living room. We also use it as additional seating for our party. It will seat three adults without any problem. During the off season, we are able to store four buckies in it. It is 18" tall and 6'6" long. It is 1/2" plywood over a 2x2 frame for strength.

Here's a shot of it:

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