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Clue dinner party

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We had our annual halloween party on the 18th. I have never had it so early before and was worried I would not have enough people attend. But it was a huge success and we had the best costumes we have ever had. We have moved into a new house and have a couple of acres. We had a haunted hay ride and our guests were so impressed. But now it is time to start planning for a dinner party on the 31st and I am so exhausted that I cannot come up with any ideas. Someone suggested to me that an interactive clue game would be fun but I have no idea where to start in putting one together. Any suggestions? I have a body bag that I will put in the middle of the room and I am going to designate each room in my house as different rooms in the clue game. But how do I get my guests to go to the different rooms to make a guess as to who the murderer is, weapon and room it was done in. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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Since you have essentially made your house into the board of the Clue game, I'd suggest making your guests the actual game pieces.
There are six characters, so make the characters teams and divide your guests evenly between the characters Mr. Green, Prof. Plum, Miss Scarlet, Mrs. White, Col. Mustard, and Mrs. Peacock. Give them a colored article of clothing (hat or hanky)to designate their group.
Have the three cards that designate the person, room and weapon of the murder already in sealed, labeled envelopes and prominently displayed in a central location.
Also, there should be the weapons (or at least pictures of them) in each corresponding room.
Then you, as the host (should be dressed as a domestic), spin a spinner you've made to designate which character group moves to which room to survey what weapons are there, and the game is played from there like the board game until one group figures out who-dunnit.
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Sounds like fun! Please share some photos of your party, too.
Oh, we haven't had a party like this. This was just an idea to possibly help out Tippy. (It would be fun though!)
Check out the movie with Tim Curry, Madeline Kahn, Christopher Lloyd, and others.
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Thank you the Mask doctor. Love your ideas! But it looks like I am going to have to cancel my clue party. I do not have enough people attending. Everyone seems to have other plans but have told me that they would love to attend a clue party another time.
Texaslucky I posted pictures of our annual Halloween party on my page. Check them out let me know what you think.
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