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Clown puppet master wiring help needed.

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I built the puppet master prop according to two different ones on this site. Now that I have the wiper motor hooked up, a large washer with three holes drilled and the fishing line run, the wires get tangled. I'm not sure what I did wrong since they look like the others on the site. I ran the fishing wire from fishing leads on the washer, through eye hooks, up a single tube then split them into three tubes on the shoulder which are bent down the arm. Then the wires go through individual eye hooks at the elbow, the wrist and the hand down to the puppet. I have yet to hook up the puppet. When I plug the wiper motor in, all the fishing line circles around each other right at the motor. I hope this clear what is happening.

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Do you have a short video that we can see of the issue?

Thanks for posting. I'll try to get something together this weekend. I'm finally getting everything put away and cleaned up.
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Without pics or video it's hard to say for sure (and I hope you're still around to see this!), but here are the areas that seem to be most likely to cause problems in an FCG-type mechanism like this:

1) You said you hadn't installed the puppet yet - did you put any kind of weight on the line? Without a weight, the lines have no reason to pull back up away from the motor hub, and are liable to get caught up in the arm.
2) Can the lines move freely in their tracks, or do they seem to snag anywhere?
3) Can the washer rotate freely, even under pressure? If it's getting snagged, the lines will tangle.
4) In most of the puppet master designs this wouldn't be a problem, but just to make sure - are the eye hooks located well above the level of the motor arm? If they're too close, the arm can catch the lines as it swings and wrap them around the hub.

Good luck!
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