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Okay, let me start by saying that, generally speaking, I tend to be a skeptic on the whole alien thing. Do I believe we're completely alone in the entire universe? No. Do I believe there are aliens out there zapping people up and stuff? No.


When I was a small child, I can remember what I thought was a dream. I was at my cousins' house, which is deep in the woods and has a big soybean field just beyond a small ring of trees surrounding the house on one side. I SWEAR that I can remember "dreaming" that I was staying overnight in my youngest cousin's room, which has windows looking out toward the field, and late in the night (because I've always suffered from insomnia - even when I was a baby) the wind picked up, and there were strange sounds, and the entire room filled with flashing lights. I distinctly remember a red light, almost the color of a heat lamp.

When I was very young, I thought that this had really happened. By the time I was in late middle school or early high school, I'd convinced myself it was only a dream - what else could it be?

Well, tonight I had a very interesting conversation via chat with my oldest cousin... Here's what went down:

Nick: I'm dog sitting and I think I hear aliens in the field.

Stormy: ??

Nick: Lol

Stormy: Are you drunk?

Nick: I just cannot get over how dark it is out here. And all the sounds.

Stormy: Are you at your mom's?

Nick: Being out on the deck with no lights on just reminded me of these dreams I had in middle and high school.

Stormy: ... What dreams?

Nick: Yeah, she's gone to Va. Beach through Sunday.

Nick: I am sleeping in her bed and with the moonlight you can see the trees and forest through the blinds.

Nick: These freaky spaceship dreams.

Nick: Nope. No drinking.

Stormy: What kind of spaceship dreams? I only ask because... I can sort of remember having weird alien dreams when I was a kid, too... About y'all's house...

Nick: The dreams involved these bright lights and freaky noises above the trees and our field. There was never any confrontation or aliens, but just the idea and feeling of terror just seeing the thing left me in a cold sweat many a night.

Nick: Oh no! Wtf. Just read your comment about the dreams.

Nick: I also remember my dad working the shift where he and Buddy had to drive home at 2 or 3 a.m.

Nick: I remember them talking about driving up on some crazy lights down the road and bring really freaked out.

Stormy: OMFG. I can remember having dreams as a kid of being in Elliott's room... I guess when I'd sleep over? We were REALLY young... And the whole room would fill with flashing lights. I remember them being so detailed that I wasn't sure if they were dreams or...?

Stormy: Holy crap. You don't think...?

Nick: All that said, we've done stories this year about military aircraft and training. So much of our area is in the zone.

Stormy: Yeah, I guess so...

Nick: Oh geez! That would be the one. It would be looking out that bedroom window!

Stormy: That's what I was just thinking...

Nick: And I remember just having this insane fear. Watching the sky out that window. It seems like there were noises too -- or wind from the thing.

Stormy: YES. Holy crap. Are you for real or are you screwing around with me again?

Nick: Because I also think one dream involved our military people chasing the thing or asking if we had seen something.

Nick: No, I am for real. Part of me really wonders now.

Nick: It has been so long since I have thought about it.

Nick: But maybe it was more elementary and middle school years.

Nick: In high school, I finally lost my fear of running around our house at night. I was running and jogging a lot.

Stormy: I never had a dream about seeing any people or... anything. Just the lights. I remember one time it was a deep red light... Almost like the color of a heat lamp. Yeah, it was when I was VERY young, so I guess late elementary for you?

Nick: I don't remember anything from that period, almost as if it had stopped.

Stormy: But I do know that the only "dreams" I had like that were at (or about) your house. Not ours. Not the one on C_____ Ave, not the old rancher. Only y'all's house.

Nick: Because the dreams weren't like every night, but seemed to pop up from time to time. Like waking up from the light and going to the window and being a little freaked out to peer out the side.

Nick: Yeah, I will have to ask Seth and Elliott. And that incident with my dad was around that time too.

Nick: But I feel like I had them before he mentioned it, so it's not like that brought it on.

Stormy: Well, I probably wasn't around when your dad told you guys about that, so unless Seth decided to tell me to scare me (which is entirely possible)...? Now I'm really starting to wonder. I used to believe, as a kid, that it had actually happened. Then I told myself it had to have been a dream. Do you think it wasn't?

Nick: I don't know, but it would be odd if we all had the same types of dreams. I feel like there was some kind of weird sound too, almost like it was over the house and, sine you mentioned red light, yes I feel like it was as if the house and the woods were enveloped in this light and it just stayed for a bit and then left.

Nick: I also remember a Halloween record or tape that had freaky UFO sounds, though.

Stormy: OMG. Friggin' Close Encounters. Definitely ask Elliott... Maybe Seth...

Nick: Makes me want to go up to that bedroom and look out now, but I an kinda freaked out.

Nick: It's also really weird being here. All the memories that come flooding back. Same thing with Grandmama's house. Thinking of Libby, Bea the dog and so on.

Stormy: DON'T GO LOOK. Just don't.

Nick: Lord. Selena (dog) just raised her head off the bed and looked out the window.

Stormy: Brrrrr, you're freaking me out. Now I'm really wondering about all that stuff!

Nick: Lol. Look on the bright side. You're not in the house by yourself next to the field!
So I'm just a tad curious as to what the heck really was going on out there all those years ago! (Please note, we're not a couple of dumb teenagers, or even college kids trying to spook each other. I'm 29 and he's 34. We're both reasonably mature adults.)

What do you guys think? Anything freaky like this ever happen to you? Any thoughts on my situation?
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