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Clinton Toys Plastic Blow Molded Monster Club/Bats

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I apologize for my absence as of recent however I wanted to share this find with some of my Halloween Forum friends here who love a good vintage piece. I have been working overtime to hunt the hard to find and I am more than pleased to pick these up! I have purchased nearly a half dozen vintage collections in the last couple months but honestly these are my favorites and new obsessions.

Today I added two amazing pieces into my collection via trade to a wonderful collector of oddities like myself. Clinton Plastics produced these amazing blow mold Halloween clubs somewhere around the early 1960s. The witch club is equip with a removable Kazoo which I have never seen a kazoo version before. The skull club is the white variant to the orange standard version. I have heard the white version has gone from rare to extremely rare these days. The white skull club is also a rattle. I have only ever seen one image of the white skull rattle before. I now know of two . I'm curious to hear do any other collectors have these or other clubs out there? If you have some please share images

Pez Orange

Orange Ghost Art

Stone carving Carving Sculpture Statue Art
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What fantastic and obscure treasures! I've certainly never seen them before. Can you imagine parents arming their children with "clubs" on Halloween in this day and age?!
I've never seen them before either but they're pretty cool.
Hi everyone...I had the orange bat when I was a kid ...5 years old 1966... I remember trick or treating with my mom at our apt. and she took it out of my hand and started beating on a neigbors door she knew who wouldnt answer lol...anyway I found another one 2 years ago on ebay...and I am going to sell it soon...do any of you have an idea of the value? I may just do an auction etc...or not sure if anyone on this site wants it..or if we are even allowed to sell our stuff here? thanks greg
You're allowed to sell stuff here, there's a whole section of the forum for it & I bet there's plenty here that would be interested, maybe myself included.


Not sure of the price though but I bet the orignator of this thread, Gris, could tell you.
Hi...hey thanks for the quick response etc...I have several blowmolds....but love the old halloween stuff etc...especially since it reminds me of when I was young...to be honest with you...I was looking for this club for years, because it was the same one I had when I was 5 etc...but it is just setting on a table in my garrage etc...I bought it for $30 on ebay a few years ago...the person was asking $60...but I messaged them and they took $30....I sell and buy alot on ebay...buy more than sell...my feedback is 100%,...but ebay and paypal charge 12%? somthing like that so id rather sell stuff on the side or craigslist etc..anyway...nice to chat with ya,.. greg...in maryland..so? if you end up buying this from me? we can meet up instead of shipping charges...who knows...Im not in that big a rush...its just that i stumbled on this sight while doing searches for my club.. with intentions on selling it and other stuff soon..my wife is pestering me about my hoarding...collecting lol
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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