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Clearance items

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Here's a pic of the clearance items purchased so far. My wife was at Target waiting for them to open. Two gargoyles, 2 packs of the scene setter walls, and the test pictured. We got 5 of the mannequin heads from Party City, at 1.99 each.


Auto part Technology Audio equipment Tire Bumper

Games Fictional character

Product Material property Technology Box Machine

I've slowly, over the years been collection "Haunted Mansion(esque)" style items. Be doing that in a year or two.

So let's see everyone else's items. I'm sure there are lots to be seen.
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James, I'm jealous! I sat freezing outside a Spirit store this morning for 45 minutes (who's 22 year old manager decided to open an hour later) so I could get a fogger and they didn't have any! I picked up a couple other things, but no fogger for me this year.
Stopped by Target beforehand and picked up a couple things there too. I'll have to add a photo later.
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