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grammy.jpg hanger.jpg dolly.jpg grammy.jpg green baby.jpg [/ATTACH] knife.jpg day of the dead statue1.jpg

Found all this in an ad on my local Craigslist. 45 larger items, lots of small stuff. Lots of stuff I didn't get pics of yet.....I am so happy, yet know I need help. I have nowhere for any more stuff! Some items may be for sale later. We shall see. But for $200 for all, who could pass these up??? Most are still in the box or with tags! Granny and the babies will look great with my other babies in the 1930's hospital crib I got to hold them all. Putting Spirit's razor wire along the top of it!!

The Sickening Reaper is still avail at Spirit for $199
Zombie Babies run from $30-$80 each (I got 4 of them)
Gruesome Granny ???
Twisted Teaser ???
Hanging Guy $129
Vampire holding head ???
Decadent Evil Marvin $75
Huge fog machine with juice
other large props not pictured
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