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Cirque Du Souls 2008 party prop photos!

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Well, I finally got around to posting a few photos of just some of the decorations for this year's
Boo Bash : "The Cirque Du Souls!"

I built the clown car prop, the Twins cage and Rigor Mortis Theater from Scratch. Rigor Mortis Theater has a fresh mime corpse operated by a Flying Crank Ghost rig I made. We had 42 friends show up for the party. It was a lot of work for one night, but it was worth it! Here are some photos (more in my gallery):

The Twins

Clown Car and Devil Boy - Side Show Freaks

Rigor Mortis Theater (Dancing Marionette)

Our scarecrow contest entry "Tight Rope Walker"
(Excuse the flash showing the support lines.)

That's just a few of the props the party guests saw. We had a ton of other stuff going with scary clowns and our Freakshow, which was a slideshow of the 10 previous Boo Bash photos. We change the theme every year.

Comments and questions are always welcome!

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oh wow that looks so cool , very original idea , all your props looks great and love that rope walker , you need to show us more pictures :)
Thanks. Here's a few more. These are all part of the side show area with wonders from around the world.

The first is a tribute to Monty Python's "Holy Grail." It is the full text of the reading from the "Book of Armament" for the Holy Hand Grenagde of Antioch, along with the hand grenade itself.

Two more close ups of some of the freaks. The clown car figure is fully articulated and can be posed with the arms and head in different poses.

I still need to upload more, as this is only a small portion of the props and party set up.

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Wow! You did a fantastic job...it's very unique....I just love it!! That devil is sooo cool! Did you buy him at the Spirit Store?? I thought I saw him there last year...:)
Thanks. Yes, you did recognize the devil from Spirit. I was fortunate to get the last one, the day after Halloween last year. I got him for 50% off plus an additional 20% off thanks to a Secret Society discount coupon. That's how I got the Twins too. :D

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Wow for sure this is an original idea....just love your props! Yup for sure if you have more pictures post them for us! Glad to hear your party went well!

Your humor is great! The Tripl/Twins....Rigor Mortis Theater. Funny! :D
WOW...How'd you get Reba McEntire to play in your Rigor Mortis theater???:D...ZR
WOW...How'd you get Reba McEntire to play in your Rigor Mortis theater???:D...ZR
She was "dying" to do it!

I had actually gotten the head from a local beauty academy. They were disposing of some of their practice heads and they gave me five for free. You should have seen the looks I got when I walked the 4 blocks back to my car at lunch time, wearing a suit and carrying a clear plastic bag of heads in July. Heh heh heh. :rolleyes:

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Cool sets!!! I love what you did! You're very creative!
Thanks for all the kind words. I try to change our sets and decorations every year. It is a lot of work and a challenge, but it is fun as well. Now, on to planning for 2009! :)

I have one of those twin clowns and I like your imaginitive use of them...
Thanks. I had actually built the cage as a shark cage prop for my neighbor's Outdoor movie night/pool party, this past August. He played the movie "JAWS" on an outdoor 12' movie screen I built. We even put red gels over the pool lights to make the water look blood red.

The cage is built out of 1"x2"'s and pvc pipe. All I had to do was paint the rust effects over the bright silver it was previouasly painted for the shark cage. I try to reuse whatever props I have. Those clowns sure are creepy looking. I had an audio track running fron Nox Arcana, called "freaks." It had evil laughing, chains rattling and creepy background music. With party lighting, it was a cool scene.
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