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Circus Trapezium

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Hey everyone! So last year (2008 Its so weird to say that huh? went by so fast!) I had a well...mini Halloween party and a couple of my friends and I had made one of the best haunted houses we have ever done! I wish I had some pics because I'd put them up! The only downside is that it was shorter than ever! :( and we had to do it in the basement :confused:

So sorry about me rambling on and on, but the point is I need some help and Ideas, for building a structurial haunted house, like a mini gazebo sort of thing. Its going to be called Circus Trapezium! A twisted circus of death kinda ring to it huh? ;)

Anyway, I have some stuff and I was just wondering if I could get some ideas, and help.

Thanks alot! :D

Oh and visit my site, you might like it! (I hope :) )
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