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Good evening,

Here is a look at some very nice cinematic quality Halloween costume accessories. Some are cinematic quality, and others are plastic everyday Halloween accessories. Have a look, and if any questions, just private message me or reply. Thanks!

Shipping to any international destination.

Plastic Knife: $5
Plastic Bloody Knife: $5
Metal Skeleton Keys: $10
Plastic Bloody Skull Sword: $10
Plastic Hook: $10
Plastic Saw: $10
Plastic Butcher's Knife: $10
Plastic Light-Up Skull Staff: $15
Plastic Skull Scythe: $15
Plastic Viking Skull Staff: $15
Plastic Sphere: $15
Sword w/ Leather Sleeve: $20
Plastic Snake Staff: $40
Wood Scythe w/ Steel Blade: $100

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You must post pricing even if you will accept best offer. Please get that sorted ASAP or the post may be removed. Thanks!
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