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Chromadepth glasses in non-chromadepth rooms

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I'm thinking of using a chromadepth feature this year. I've never seen the effect, so I don't know what to expect from the glasses. I only want to use chromadepth at the beginning of my haunt (probably on the floor, to simulate a chasm the kids have to walk over to get to the candy or to get to the rest of the haunt). If the TOTs are wearing the glasses for the first room, but the second room has no chromacolors, what happens? Can they see normally through them or will everything be distorted? For what it's worth, other rooms might have a strobe, a black light, or a holographic illusions.
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Not everyone can actually see 3D. Something like 12% of the population does not have perfect binocular vision and 3D does not work for them. I am one of those people. The stuff just gives me a raging headache.
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