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Christmas/ Krumpus card exchange 2014

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Christmas/ Krampus card exchange 2014
Lets Bring this back to life :)

For those that haven't done this or are new to the site. The card exchange can be hand made cards or store bought. This time around it will be for Christmas / krampus :) . If you want to receive a card from someone that is participating on this thread send them a PM with your address and they will do the same and you both exchange cards with each other.

Its up to you how many people you want to exchange cards with.

The cards can be regular xmas cards or Halloween xmas cards its up to you.

You can mail at anytime u like but be great if everyone had theres in Mail by Dec 25th at the latest :) hope that makes sence lol
Lets have fun and get to swapping.

if you are wondering what Krampus is click here
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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