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I just finished the rss push for my newest gravecast..
I know I don't have to tell you how hard it is to find a good Christmas mix with songs of madness, pain, death, destruction, cannibalism, necrophilia and just enough sugary sweetness to kill some of the taste of bile left in your mouth. Welcome to Gravecast.com my friends. The yearly attack of kindness and good cheer we must all suffer through is here yet again. I give you the perfect weapon to wipe those plastic smiles from their jolly faces and send them running with terror into the night. I've got something you can stick up their chimney, stuff into their stockings, or just blast to the neighbors in the middle of the night. All month is Christmas Evil and this might be your only weapon against the yule tidalwave of candy cane brains and a mall full of brats. Now THIS is what the season is all about...

I hope it helps.
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