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Children at Your Party Touching Props

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How do you prevent kids from touching your props? I've had instances in the past where props have been broken. Would "Please Do Not Touch" signs help at all? For those of you who have kids at your party, do you just not take out your favorite props that are too delicate for kids' hands?

I would love to buy the animated witch with cauldron but I'm afraid that kids will stick something in the cauldron and it'll stop working.
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oh, I know colmmo, I know!! I have this problem, a lot. I haven't found a good way to deal with it. Other than I tell them I won't invite them ever again if they mess with my stuff.
I think there was a thread with similar problems... Hmm... see if I can find it. We have people in costume running around to help keep an eye on toters.
I do a strictly adults only party because I don't want to worry about little ones getting freaked out AND because I worry about stuff getting broken.

That being said, I've found that the best way to keep folks from messing with the delicate stuff is to put it out of their reach.

We've got some things we set up in a room off a hallway... the room itself is physically blocked off with both caution tape and with a barrier. But you CAN see into the room and it's on the way to the bathroom. So I can set up cool little scenes but not worry about anyone going in there and knocking over something.

So I'd think if you put things up high or put a barrier around it and make sure and announce that that prop is off limits to touching would help some. (and I wouldn't invite back the ones that broke anything)

That's what I'd do anyway. :)
Putting a "do not touch" sign on a prop says, to any kid that can read, "pick me up, shake me, throw me at your brother, put me in your mouth!"

I've put more delicate props in the middle of a table, behind glass in a china cabinet, up high, or surrounded by lit candles.
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