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Chicken Wire Ghost Girl

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I finally bit the bullet and tried my hand at making a chicken wire ghost this Halloween. I read one tutorial where the lady said she made hers in an hour and a half. Boy, I envy her. I'd say I spent 25 hours or more on mine, making all of the different body parts and then putting them all together. That's what I get for trying to copy a ghost made by an artist, instead of just doing something easier. Plus I did it all without gloves, so my hands looked like I was caught in a in a cat fight every day for a few weeks.
Overall, I think she turned out pretty good. I'd like to make another one sometime.
I may use her for Christmas, too. Put her out with my Ebenezer Scrooge tombstone and she can be the Ghost of Christmas past. LOL

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Looks good Dave. I am like you it would take me a lot longer than a hour and half to make one. More like a week and a half or more for me.
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